Marine and Caravan Park Pedestal

The XL Marina service Pedestal manufactured by M-Tech Marine Technologies is the longest serving marina pedestal in the world today, the first XL was manufactured in 1979, over 36 years ago, and is still in service today.

It’s amazing that we still have people call up our sales department and ask for spare parts for a 30 year old unit, which of course we are happy to supply. And we are constantly asked to replace fiberglass, weak plastic and foamed PVC boarded units that have simply fell apart in the heat.

The XL has undergone many changes in its 36 year existence, including recently compiling to all UL approvals for sale within the USA and regaining its 357U & 3025N2 yellow card status.

All M-tech Marina Pedestals hold the same UL ratings, and are licensed for sale in any country.

The latest change to the Legendary XL, is the use of high gloss finish alu panel, this is a revolutionary material offering a minimum of 10 years guarantee, and being able to operate & withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to + 80 degrees.

This means that we can change to look of any pedestal to match the surrounding environment, a number of high amperage XLs where recently installed at a private superyacht marina in Thailand embossed with the owners livery.