M-TECH Complete Queenstown Marina New Zealand

In conjunction with Bellingham Marine New Zealand, M-TECH Marine Technologies have recently completed the Queenstown Marina project.

M-TECH designed and supplied the marine grade 110-degree rubber flexible electrical cable distribution system, over 50 Sterling & Platinum service pedestals, electrical distribution boards, fire extinguisher cabinets c/w audiovisual alarm systems and an M-TECH/KECO 900D 3 Hp Peristaltic sanitation pump-out system.

One of many projects we are undertaking within the area, as clients recognise M-TECH is a turnkey solution, and do not just supply or import service pedestals.

The project aims to develop and operate a world-class marina in Queenstown that will enhance the region’s economic performance and allow for higher quality and safer lake access for both visitors and residents alike.

It is creating a vision that enables Queenstown to move towards its “ideal future”, as a desirable, world-class lakeside destination providing economic future in the long term, by enhancing the local and regional economy and creating a thriving full-facility marina.

I want to take this opportunity to thank both Queenstown Marina and Bellingham Marine NZ for enlisting the services of M-TECH.

For more information email: info@m-tech.com.au or call +61 7 5580 3041