Caravan Park Pedestal in a Holiday Park

As mentioned in our previous post, M-tech has been undertaking a 12 month plan to learn as much as possible about the Caravan industry and how we can make a positive contribution.

Our hard working and dedicated team have already done a fantastic job of researching, and today we’d like to share some of what we’ve learned so far.

  1. Working out the price for delivery of a product can be a hassle, and often people can encounter unexpected costs. We’re pleased to say that we offer our customers a quick and hassle-free transaction – you can get a price for the product over the phone, though working out the cost of delivery can take a little time, and of course will vary for each area. For our South East QLD customers we’re excited to offer FREE to your door delivery! Speak to one of our friendly staff today for more information.
  2. Although every Marina Pedestal must have a light, the Caravan Park market doesn’t always want one. But they want the option to add one at a later date. They also want the Unit to look the same (Powerhead or Pedestal) whether or not it has a Light Diffuser. We found an easy solution to this and now offer the new CP3 and CP11 range – these come with the Light Diffuser whether or not the Unit was ordered with a light. In any case, if you want the light installed at a later date we can supply a Lighting-Kit which can be easily installed by a licensed electrician.  If at the time of purchase a light is required, this will be pre-wired. So now our customers have not only an extremely economical lighting option, but all units are uniform – this helps achieve an aesthetically pleasing Site.
  3. The bonuses keep rolling out, as we offer LED lighting at no additional cost across the ENTIRE Caravan Park range!
  4. And let’s not forget the ever important H2O… More and more Parks want to bring their water supply to the same location as their powerheads. M-tech has come up with another great solution, bringing you the M-Tech Powerhead Post. This unique Marine Grade Aluminum post is designed not just for holding the powerhead, but can also have up to four taps! Safety is paramount, and this is achieved by installing a Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection. For more information on this innovation, give us a call today.

As we continue to learn and grow within the Caravan industry, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest news and developments – it’s an exciting new venture and we want you there beside us!