Fire Protection Equipment

Stop fire in its tracks & fight fires like the pros with our FireCaptain™ pump systems. The FireCaptain™ is a versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pump powered by a Honda Engine for Superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance. Having a fire pump accessible at all time means you are ready and equipped.

Protect your Marina and Property from wildfires with our FireCaptain™ pump Systems. Equipped with professional grade equipment and powerful Honda self-priming 2-stage fire pumps. FireCaptain™ systems are simple to set up, operate, easy to maneuver and offers superior performance. Built with a self-priming 2-stage centrifugal fire pump, our FireCaptain™ systems were conceived with the same level of reliability and effectiveness required by the pros.

  • Manual recoil starting system AND electric start option!
  • Premium forestry hose

Having a fire pump accessible at all times, for high risk and high value property, means you are ready and equipped. Protect your Marina and Property to reduce the risk of fire spreading. Looking after your defensible space gives your marina a fighting chance before the firefighters arrive.

While we do not encourage you to fight a raging Fire on your own, you can make a difference with the right plan and the appropriate equipment. FireCaptain™ systems are can also be used for other applications such as tank filling, and water transfers. Protect your marina and property from fires with our FireCaptain™ pump systems.

Twin Impeller Design

Providing additional pressure for longer & higher pumping applications.

Corrosion Resistant

Pump casing and diffusers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant grade aluminum for long life.

Reinforced Impellers

Nylon glass fiber reinforced impellers are fully corrosion proof and lightweight.

Removable Ports

Provide quick access inside the pump volute and cost effective ports replacement in case of damages.

Our Models

  • 6 HP

  • 120 PSI

6 HP Fire Cart


  • 9 HP

  • 150 PSI

9 HP Fire Cart


  • 9 HP

  • 150 PSI

  • Electric Start

9 HP Electric Start Fire Cart


  • 6 HP

  • 120 PSI

6 HP Fire Pump


  • 9 HP

  • 150 PSI

9 HP Fire Pump


  • 9 HP

  • 150 PSI

  • Electric Start

9 HP Electric Start Fire Pump


  • 2.1 HP

  • 85 PSI

  • 246 litre water tank

65 Gal (246 L) Firefighting Skid


  • 2.1 HP

  • 85 PSI

  • 473 litre water tank

125 Gal (473 L) Firefighting Skid


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

You shouldn’t place yourself in a situation that seems dangerous or life threatening. In the case of a wildfire, the effectiveness of the FIRECAPTAIN® fire pump lies in its ability to wet the perimeter of a property (using nozzle or sprinkler heads) to avoid flying embers from igniting the structure. It is a pro-active measure rather than equipment designed to fight the fire directly.

This equipment is suitable for rapid interventions where you can control a small fire on a property or private land before the firefighters get there.

Always prepare your property in accordance with the NFPA and Local governing authorities.

Why should I own a portable fire system?

Having a fire pump accessible at all time, for high risk and high value property, means you are ready and equipped. Protect your defensible space and reduce the chances of the fire spreading to neighboring property or surrounding areas. Looking after your defensible space gives your property a fighting chance against a spreading wildfire before the firefighters arrive. While we do not encourage you to fight a raging wildfire on your own, you can make a difference with the right plan and the appropriate equipment.

What else can I do with the FIRECAPTAIN?

The FIRECAPTAIN® is a multipurpose fire pump that can also be used for other applications such as rapid interventions, tank filling, water transfers and as ATV slip-on units. This portable pump can easily be used at Marinas, Campgrounds, Farms, Private Properties and Construction Sites.

Who should I contact for technical support?

You can contact our technical team at

What is your return policy?

Please contact our customer service department with full details concerning the return of any goods and the issuance of a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA). Material returned for reasons other than defective replacement will carry a handling and restocking charge as per our terms & conditions.

What is a multi-stage centrifugal pump?

A multi-stage centrifugal pump is a pump containing more than one impeller on a common shaft and within one pump casing. The water is routed from the discharge of one impeller to the intake of the other one, thus increasing the generated pressure. Multi-stage pumps are generally more efficient than single stage centrifugal pumps by producing greater pressure at lower speeds.

Why are high-pressure centrifugal pumps used to fight fires?

Higher pressure pumps are required by fire fighters for a number of reasons:

First, the greater pressure helps to overcome distance and elevation. It allows for longer hose lays for attacking remote and hard to reach areas.

Second, it provides better safety and fire control for the fire fighter by providing higher and longer reach of the nozzle stream, and the greater pressures also provides for better penetration.

Can I pump salty water with my pump?

FIRECAPTAIN pumps feature aluminum pump components. This provides a protective barrier on the aluminum surface making it resistant to corrosion. This allows salt water to be used in the pump. However, because salt water is highly corrosive to most materials, to extend the service life of the pump, salt water should not be left in the pump after use or between the pumps use. The pump should be flushed with fresh water for at least 5 minutes after salt water has been run through the pump.

Why are FIRECAPTAIN pumps components made of anodized aluminum while others are made of bronze?

Pump parts of unlike metals can attack each other when exposed to water. This process is called Galvanic corrosion. One metal (called the sacrificial metal) will corrode at the expense of another material less like it. The further the metals are from each other on a galvanic corrosion chart the greater the corrosion of the sacrificial material. Bronze and brass are far from aluminum in the chart. Unfortunately, the aluminum becomes the sacrificial metal. The large bronze impeller will pull electrons from the aluminum pump components and degrade them over time. FIRECAPTAIN uses aluminum impellers to significantly reduce this effect inside the pump and offering longer service life for the pumps aluminum components.

How should I store my pump?

If a pump/engine unit, it should always be stored in an upright position. For short storage time frames (up to 3 months) a fuel stabilizer should be added to the engines fuel and spray a light coat of WD40 inside the pump intake and in any ports on the pump. If the pump will be stored in a region where it may freeze, a biodegradable anti-freeze such as Amsoil Low-Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant should be poured through the pump and added to the engines radiator, if equipped, to the manufactures specified water to coolant ratio. If storage is to be longer than 3 months, then the engine should be run completely out of fuel before storing and spray the inside of the pump with a long term corrosion inhibitor such as WD-40 Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor.

If a pump end only, the inside of the pump should be lightly sprayed with WD-40 Long-Term corrosion inhibitor and stored with the pump inlet down. Do not get the inhibitor on the pump mechanical seal.