Marine Emergency Equipment

Emergency Equipment Fire Cart

Fire Cart

The Instant Response Fire Cart has been designed to provide a fast and effective first response to fighting fires, on either a marina or in a caravan park environment.

Fire Station Platinum Pedestal Emergency Equipment

Fire Station

The M-Tech Fire Station is the most technically advanced Emergency Service Pedestal available on the market today, ideal for use in both marinas and caravan parks.

Fire Reel Emergency Equipment

Fire Hose Reels

The M-Tech Fire Hose Reel is designed for easy operation by one person and is ideal for both caravan parks and marinas. To find out more information click on the button bellow.

Fire Cabinets Emergency Equipment

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

M-Tech’s standalone Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are available in either powder coated marine grade aluminium or in a rotary moulded UV resistant polyethylene material.

M-Tech is the finest Marine Emergency Equipment producer in the world, therefore leisure and marine industries can rely on our products for the high-end performance. Nowadays, governing authorities of every country have mandated the use of state of the art marine safety equipment in every boat. Therefore we have got a wide range of marine safety supply depending on the size of the vessel ranging from the fire cart to fire extinguisher cabinets and others. Whenever any mishap occurs in the boat or ship, the portability of fire outbreak become high. Therefore we are continually expanding our product lines so that people may remain protected even on the water.

M-Tech is the single source where you can find reliable solutions according to your needs, which are the best in the terms of delivery, quality, and dependability. We value the support we are getting from years, therefore strive to develop innovative products and excellent services which may stand out on expectations.