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KSince KECO, Inc./ Pump-a-Head and its antecedent, Kenton Equipment Co., launched in San Diego, California in 1954, they’ve established a well-deserved reputation for delivering exceptionally engineered, manufactured and distributed Marine Sanitation devices and Marine Pumps. Regardless of where you are in the world, KECO is able to provide you with the same quality workmanship and competitive pricing offered to all their clients. We have an abundance of knowledge and our friendly, professional sales team are always ready to help.

KECO Inc., is dedicated to providing you with the latest in pumping solutions with the use of their Marine Pumps and Marine sanitation devices, among other pumping equipment. By combining our top of the range equipment with our experience, KECO Inc., is able to provide you with the best solution for your pumping problems.

We look forward to continuing to supply the best equipment on the market, while ensuring our new and existing customer satisfaction remains unchanged.

The Benefits

  • World’s Best Selling Pump-out

  • Diaphragm, Peristaltic, Vacuum Pumps

  • Stationary, Portable, & Centralized Systems

  • Professional & Knowledgeable Workforce

  • Professional & Knowledgeable Workforce

  • Best Warranty in the Industry

  • Providing the Highest Quality Products

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Complete Satisfaction