Marine Pedestals

Platinum Pedestal Marine

Platinum Pedestal

The Platinum Pedestal is chosen by marinas worldwide for its ability to provide enhanced utility services, while still maintaining a modern and precise engineered design.

Sterling Pedestal

Sterling Pedestal

The Sterling Pedestal brings together creative design and the engineering capability to provide a versatile marina service pedestal that can be installed in numerous locations.

XL Platinum Marine Pedestal

XL Pedestal

The XL Pedestal was designed and created with strength and durability in mind and continues to be the service pedestal of choice for many of today’s modern marinas.

MSP Marine Pedestal

MSP Multi Service Pedestal

The Multi Service Pedestal (MSP) is the latest addition to the M-Tech Marina service pedestal range. To find out more information click on the button bellow.

Multi Stand Point Marine Pedestal

The Multi Point Stand

The M-Tech Multi Point is a modular system manufactured to provide a general purpose utility stand which is ideal for both caravan parks and marinas.


Brows our latest selection of MSERIES pedestals.

M1 1100

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M1 800

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M2 1000

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M3 1100

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Marine Pedestals are the most innovative and reliable invention in the marine industry. Therefore at M-Tech, we have packed our manufacturing units with all essential features so that they may produce flexible pedestals to adjust according to the requirement. We have proficiency in developing quality waterproof equipment that can support your venture in long run.

Through our extensive experience in this field, we have finally come to an edge where we can produce reliable, user-friendly yet advance, power equipment ranging from the platinum pedestal, sterling pedestals to the multi-point stand for the benefit of the marine industry. Although we have dedicated years to achieve this reputation, still we continue our long-standing history of the building and designing safest, highly functional and weatherproof marine equipment. With this note, we just want to say that we are looking forward to serve our customer to the extreme of their satisfaction.