Dockside Systems

Peristaltic Systems

Keco’s Dockside System is complete and self contained. Mounted “on-the-dock” this system includes a hose rack capable of storing 70’ of suction hose, activation controls and an optional viewing window that provides visual confirmation that the pump is in operation.

Keco’s 900 Series Peristaltic Pump is a self-priming, rotating positive displacement pump. Two rollers progressively crush a tubular element confined within the housing.

Diaphragm System

Keco’s Pump, electrical components and discharge piping are all housed under a reinforced fibreglass enclosure (stainless steel/aluminum available). The exclusive leak detection system is standard equipment and can be upgraded to include an optional audible/visual alarm.

Mechanically similar to a plunger, the diaphragm pump bowl is filled when the diaphragm rises, and cleared when the diaphragm compresses.