Skid Systems

Our skid mounted pumpout units, with storage tank, are an flexible pump out solution. The engineered skids are ideal for pumpout boats, marinas, dry stack storage, campgrounds, and a variety of industrial applications. Keco skid mounted units can be deployed as a standalone pump out solution or mounted to a portable platform such as a golf cart, barge or pickup truck. Skids can be configured to include the Keco 50 or 800 series diaphragm pumps, Keco 900 series peristaltic pumps, or Keco 1000 series vacuum pumps. Standard tank capacities range from 65 to 1025-gallons. Depending on the application, skids can be epoxy coated, galvanised or constructed from aluminum alloy.



Engineered frames and wash-down rated comments ensure sanitary operation.

Marine Grade

NEMA 4X electrical components (UL/CE Rated), 300 grade stainless steel fasteners and an available galvanised steel or epoxy / polyurethane protected aluminum frame make these units suitable for use in the harsh salt water environment.

Flexible Offload

Offload using onboard pump, landside pumpout system or gravity drain. All models include quick connect fittings and connection hoses.

Safety Features

All models are equipped with tank overfill protection with automatic pump shut down. 900 series models offer an additional layer of safety and include peristaltic pump leak detection and discharge system overpressure protection.


Suction Hose

All Keco suction hoses are made from ethylene copolymer and are manufactured specifically for use in the marine environment. The hoses are capable of withstanding absolute vacuum and handle temperatures from -20°F to 150°F. Hoses are available in lengths of 20 – 70ft.


A variety of operator control options allow you to manage your pump effectively. If you need a specific control option, KECO will customise your pump to better accommodate your facility.

Pump/Engine & Tank also available

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