Self Powered Cart Systems

The innovative portable cart/trolley greatly simplifies the user experience and eliminates the need to push or pull a heavy pumpout cart around your facility. A truly unique feature is that the waste pump and the motorized cart share a common rechargeable battery pack. This allows the user to simply drive the cart to their slip and start the pump without the need to connect the pump to a power pedestal or start a separate gasoline engine. The unit has a combined operating time (pumping or driving) exceeding 4 hours on a single charge.  When the cart is not in use it is connected to an electrical supply (115/230V 50/60Hz) and the integrated battery charger maintains optimal battery performance.  All electronics are marine grade and the entire system is designed to be washed down after use.


Modular Design

The modular / skid design is constructed of aluminum and coated to US military specifications. The ingenious design allows customers to access all drive and battery components without disturbing the pumping system.

Marine Grade

NEMA 4X electrical components (UL/CE Rated), 316 grade stainless steel fasteners and epoxy / polyurethane coated alloy frame make this units suitable for use in the harsh salt water marine enviorment.

Flexible Offload

Empty tank using onboard pump, landside pumpout system or gravity drain. 900 Series units offload using a simple fill/empty switch, 500 Series units offload using a simple 3 postion diverter valve. All models include quick connect fittings and connection hoses.

Saftey Features

All models are equipped with standard safety features which include an automatic parking brake, runaway cart protection and tank overfill w/ automatic pump shut off. 900 series models offer an additional level of safety and include peristaltic pump leak detection and discharge system overpressure shut down All units come equipped with an on/off key switch to prevent unauthorized use.


Hoses and Fittings

All models are shipped compete and ready to use. Simply select the most appropriate hose length to best suit your facilities needs. Standard suction / discharge hoses are availabe up to 100′ (30 M) continuous sections.


A variety of operator control options allow you to manage your pumpout system effectively. Control options range from the standard on/off switch to secure digital keypads to prevent unauthorized use.


Polyehtylene tanks include gallon markers and standard sizes are 35 or 55 Gallon (132 or 208 Liter) capacity. Additional tank sizes and colors are available upon request.

Supply Power

115/230V 1PH (50 / 60Hz) Other voltages and phases avaialble

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