RCBOs that comply with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV’s) additional testing & verification requirements

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) extends ban on safety switches with a design fault

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has banned electrical safety switches with design faults that mean they do not protect people from electric shock or electrocution.

Installation of safety switches like RCBOs (residual current breaker with overload protection) on all power circuits is compulsory. RCBOs detect faults involving current leaking to earth and cut the power before people can suffer an electric shock or electrocution.

After a two year prohibition, ESV has now extended the existing ban for certain types of RCBOs that had design faults which meant they could be installed incorrectly and therefore fail to operate. The prohibition on RCBOs begins today and lasts for ten years.

Compliant RCBOs currently listed on the ESV website.

Read more on testing your safety switch.

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There have been instances of late that has shown new switchgear sourced from online retailers failing during the initial test and verification process before being put into service.

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Energy Safe Victoria

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