Park Sterling Pedestal
Park Sterling Pedestal Front

Park Sterling Pedestal

Manufactured from a single engineered aluminium extrusion anodised to 25 microns, the Park Sterling Pedestal extrusion far exceeds the industry standard of 15 microns. In addition to the engineered watertight seals, this pedestal is constructed with fully UV resistant materials so that it can withstand harsh environments and the rigours of daily use.

The Sterling Pedestal is slender in its design and provides a stunning addition to any caravan park, making an ideal solution for confined pitching areas and late arrival areas such as park entrances.

This  pedestal can accommodate a maximum of 2 x 15 amp single phase socket outlets (located behind lockable access doors which are closed when in use), 3 phase outlets, cable management hooks, utility metering, water services, energy saving fluorescent and LED lighting options plus full data and media communication outlets.

The Park Sterling Pedestal can be supplied with its unique ground mounting base or can be bolted directly to a secure foundation. The design of the Sterling mounting base allows for multi service entry and along with the pedestal service access panels, installation is made effortless.