Sterling Pedestal

The Sterling Pedestal brings together creative design and the engineering capability to provide a versatile marina service pedestal that can be installed in numerous locations.

It’s unique slimline design and versatility places this pedestal at the forefront of the marina services industry, making it a popular choice for marina developers, operators and the private sector. It is ideally located on marinas, quay side developments, access walkways, boat yards, dry stack areas and is ideal for private home berths.

Manufactured from 5 ½mm aluminium, anodised to 25 microns, the Sterling’s one piece extrusion far exceeds the marine standard of 15 microns. In addition to the engineered watertight seals and the use of fully UV resistant materials, the Sterling is constructed with the ability to withstand the harsh marine environment and carries a standard 5 year warranty.

The Sterling’s design allows for electrical outlets from 15 amps single phase up to 32 amp three phase, in addition to utility metering, water services, energy saving fluorescent and LED lighting options plus full data and media communication outlets.  Installation is made effortless by its two piece sectional mounting base, allowing for multi service entry, along with pedestal service access panels.