What is WIDESKY?

Widesky is a specialised, real-time data platform designed to meet the unique needs of marinas and holiday parks. Scalable, intelligent, and quickly tailored to your needs WIDESKY is optimised to manage individual or multiple sites. Due to the ever-increasing demand for utility services, especially water and electricity, it is now more important than ever to capture all customer usage so when the bill arrives you as a business are not out of pocket and have to make up the shortfall.

Widesky gives you the ability to have a cloud-based high-speed real-time management system at your fingertips. Each WideSky Hub allows easy and economic access to your data by forming a highly resilient wireless mesh network that removes the need for hardwired cables removing the cost of any civil works and disruption to your business.

WideSky Hub

The WideSky Hub gives you easy and economical access to your data by forming a long-range wireless mesh network that removes the need for hardwired cables. Seamlessly connect legacy non-IP devices to a Thread Network via its onboard serial communications and IO. With features such as data logging, real-time control and OTA updates, it gives you the reliability to build more efficient energy management, smart building and industrial solutions. When combined with WideSky Cloud, you can also easily create scalable and secure IoT solutions. Read more about this product

What Can It Do?…

  • Monitor electricity & water usage and export the data into any accountancy package or excel spreadsheet. Widesky can read and store data every 5 seconds.
  • A Thread Group Certified Product
  • Operates on an open protocol with full integration with existing park and marina management software, New books, RMS, Pacsoft, Marine Master and many more.
  • Access by any Wi-Fi-enabled device.
  • Creates Individual site/berth reports
  • Control electrical & water supplies from any location within Australia or overseas.
  • Monitor & control of smart lighting systems.
  • Monitors waste disposal.
  • Onscreen alarm alerts of power loss to site or berths, excess water usage (taps left running or leaks), activation of firefighting equipment.
  • Tennant View allows the customer to view their usage in real-time.
  • CCTV & Access control systems.

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For more information on WideSky email: sales@m-tech.com.au or call +61 7 5580 3041