We recently had the pleasure of attending the State Conference for the Queensland Caravan Parks Association. At the conference we particularly wanted to feature and talk to industry members, about the M Tech Powerhead Module, which has been designed specifically for the caravan industry.

It was great to speak to so many of you at the event, here are some of the features of this great product.

  • All M-Tech Powerhead are manufactured locally using as much of the local products, suppliers and manufacturers as possible.
  • All Powerheads come with a long Pedigree of making products for the marine and coastal environment, so they are certainly suited to sites where a Caravan Park is on the Water’s edge.
  • All fasteners (screws/bolts/nuts washers/fixing) are made from the highest marine grade Stainless Steel.
  •  All Powerhead frames are made from Marine –Grade Aluminum which is pre-treated to AS3715 & AS4506 before being Powder-Coated to 80-100 microns and Oven Baked. (This chemically converts the Aluminum to a non-corrosive form). This makes it superior in strength and durability.
  • All Powerheads come complete with a light/diffuser assembly, so whether or not a light is supplied with the unit all Powerheads looks the same and all Powerheads look uniform. It’s a simple process to fit a light at a later date, as only the wiring harness, bulb and Circuit Breaker are required. All of which M-Tech can supply in a Kit, for your electrician to fit, if require at a later date. Or wired ready to go in our factory before dispatch.
  • We are the manufacturer, so no middle man, as you can deal direct with the factory (not the wholesaler or agent), saving you money.
  • Each Powerhead can accommodate up to 8 x 15 Amp socket outlets.

We also supply a range of service pedestals, all designed specifically for caravan parks. For more information on our powerheads and service pedestals and how we can service your caravan park, please visit the caravan page on our website, located here: https://m-tech.com.au/caravan/caravan.php

At M-Tech, we are committed long term to the caravan industry, aiming to supply only the leading quality powerheads and service pedestals. Our commitments is reflected in our attendance at the industry conference. We are also happy to deal direct with our clients, from our factory on the Gold Coast. By dealing direct, we can keep our costs down and pass on such savings to you in more efficient prices. We look forward to looking after the needs of your caravan park.